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Baby brain flash cards
Flash cards Give your baby a head start in life!!

Did you know that by stimulating your baby from as early as birth onwards you can contribute to his greater learning abilities in later life. Making him more aware of colours and shapes will greatly help his development. It has also proven that babies enjoy very bright colours such as red, black and white as opposed to the previous pastel shades.

I am excited and pleased to launch my baby brain flash card range which comprises of an “Arty Optical Experience” in bold red, black and white colour flash cards for only R150 for a set of 7. (1 for each day of the week). These A5, wipe able flash cards can be placed on the wall next to baby’s cot, compactum, high chair, backseat of the car or any other place that will be visible for baby. Before you position the card hold it 20 cm from his eyes and move it from side to side and notice how he fixates on the flash card and follows it with his eyes. The more he is stimulated with visual information the stronger the networks in the brain are enhanced and become, helping with your baby’s brain development.
Flash Cards
Flash Cards
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